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website features

Website features is a list of different tools and widgets that enhance your site and gives it the edge you need to be a profitable online business. If you have any additional questions feel free to fill out the form and we will contact you within 2 hours.


Text blocks

Adding content to any area of your website has never been easier with Text Blocks. They allow you to add and move content to any page.


You can place Images on any page and simply drag it around to place it in the perfect spot.  Images can link out to urls or files.

custom Forms

Forms allow you to do many great things on your site. From quotes to joining your newsletter they get you the information you need.


Quotes allow others to see what people are saying about you and your business.


Do you want to showcase a message or show others a playlist of your recent songs that you recorded. Audio files can help you with that.


Let your customers stay up to date on everything that is going on with you and the best date to make an appointment.

Website Search

Search bars are a much needed tool for those interested in an e-commerce website. They help customers find specific items that you sell

Map Integration

Adding a Google map will help others find your storefront or office much faster.


Adding video to your site is not only a great way to showcase or explain what you do, but it also helps your SEO.

html code integration

HTML code allows the consistency to add custom HTML code to any page.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Google Analytics

Improve performance across your sites, apps, and offline marketing. Google’s analytics solutions can help you turn customer insights into action for your business.

Tumblr Blog

Add a Tumblr blog to your site. This feature is built with a content feed that doesn't use an iframe, is indexed by Google, and has a simple setup.

Style Tagging

Style tagging allows you to identify certain parts of your sight to help your ranking with Google.


Increase the accuracy and reach in your digital marketing with AddThis audience solutions.

Social media optimization


Pull in your tweets on any page so your users can stay up to date.

Facebook page tabs

Publish any of your website pages as a tab on your Facebook Page.

instagram feed

Showcase your portfolio on your website with an instagram feed. Maintain what shows up on your feed by adding new images on your phone.


Add a flickr collage to your website to showcase all of your pictures.


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Adding video to your site is not only a great way to showcase or explain what you do, but it also helps your SEO.